RMA has a wealth of experience in the field of electric vehicles and has been involved in their design and development for over 20 years. The company has pioneered its own range of mobility scooters and power products to establish ourselves as the UK’s leading supplier of such vehicles.

With the recent drive for a greener and renewable forms of transport for both commuting and leisure it was a natural progression for us to enter the E-Bike sector and launch our RMA Active website.

As a result of our existing and successful supply chain links with companies in the Far East we were able to work with their largest manufacturer and supplier of bicycles to offer our range of products.

It is our aim to bring to the e-bike market top quality E-bikes at a price that makes them a viable option for everyone.

Our factory in TianJin, China

As you can see from the series of photographs our bikes are made to the very highest standard. This includes –

  • Thorough research and development.
  • Rigorous testing.
  • The highest level of quality control.
  • State of the art specialised machinery.
  • Bespoke painting facility.
  • Our partner is one of the biggest bike manufacturer’s in the world, providing a number of leading brands with their bikes that are sold across the globe.